Theme 4: Aging Community

AGING COMMUNITY – Fraser Coast community social plan update

An update on ‘Aging Community’, presented by Julie de Ward from Seniors in Focus

StrategyActionIdentified CommunitiesCurrent Contacts / Current Status
4.1 Promote and support active aging in the community4.1.1 Provide and encourage attendance at community-based activities Across RegionThere are many activities and groups available to seniors on the Fraser Coast. Information is available at any of these organisations:
Fraser Coast Reginal Council – Seniors in Focus
Maryborough & District Committee on the Ageing
Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre
Maryborough Neighbourhood Centre
Burrum District Community Centre
Seniors Citizens Club
• Older Men Unlimited

October is QLD Seniors Month and events will be held across the region
4.1.2 Encourage the establishment of different activities e.g Men’s Shed in Toogoom ToogoomSome organisations do have outreach to smaller communities.
Many of the smaller communities also organise local activities such as
Poona Centenary Hall
Boonooroo Golf Course and Tavern
Tiaro District Community Centre
Toogoom & District Community Association
4.1.3 Investigate barriers to attendance at community activities to reduce social isolationThe Covid pandemic resulted in increased social isolation and loneliness for many members of the Fraser Coast community – particularly during lockdown and border closures.

Many older residents have stated that they are anxious about going out into the community for fear of contracting Covid.

However, there is also a lot of anecdotal information about friends and neighbours looking out for each other more and taking the time to help with shopping, meals, etc.

Our region also saw a significant increase in home delivery services from grocery, retail and restaurants.

Some seniors became more accustomed to using technology and aged care facilities have reported that staff now carry ipads to assist residents to have contact with families and friends via zoom.

PHN Moving Moments Intergenerational Playgroup being established.

Intergenerational High Tea at HBNC won the Judges’ Award at a Community Ideas Pitch Night and is now occurring on a monthly basis.
4.1.4 Promote existing and extend provision of adult education activities Across RegionOrganisations providing adult learning opportunities:
U3A Hervey Bay
U3A Maryborough
Local Learning Network
Fraser Coast Libraries
4.1.5 Provide technology education and support for older people to allow them to access government and other servicesFraser Coast Libraries offer some digital services.
4.2 Recognise and utilise the skills and talents of older members of the community4.2.1 Investigate the development of a ‘Library/Google” of older people and their knowledge for sharingAcross RegionThe “human library” concept has been considered as a continuation of the “Making Hervey Bay Home” project.
4.2.2 Develop an ‘adopt a grandperson’ program
A number of schools have Grandparents Day events.
4.2.3 Provide opportunities for our indigenous elders to pass on their skills and knowledge to the next generationsLocal Elders were engaged in the World Kindness Day art workshops.

NAIDOC events have been postponed in both 2020 and 2021 due to Covid restrictions. However, local Elders are respectfully engaged in all planning.
4.3 Promote Aging ‘in place’4.3.1 Advocate for increased availability of Home Support and Home Care Packages for our residents.Across Region Healthy Ageing in the Fraser Coast – Designing our Future Model of Care Workshop facilitated by Wide Bay HHS on 25/02/21.

Retirement Aged Care Expo held in Hervey Bay 16/04/21.

Aged Care Network has been established.
4.3.2 Investigate affordable and innovative housing options. Due to the current housing crisis and lack of affordable accommodation, there have been a number of forums on innovative housing options.
4.3.3 Promote and support the use of technology through provision of classes on Social Media and communication applications. Use of social media technology increased significantly during Covid-19. Aged care facilities report that many residents have increased contact with relatives and friends in other states due to use of technology.

Fraser Coast Libraries
4.3.4 Support carers through provision of respite services and ‘care for the carer’ activities.
Carers Qld Australia does not have an office on the Fraser Coast. However, telephone support is available.
Respite is available through My Aged Care packages.
Service clubs may provide occasional supports, eg lunches or movie days for carers
4.3.5 Map the provision of outreach services to the smaller communities, identifying gaps and duplications and advocating for services to fill the gaps4.3.5 Map the provision of outreach services to the smaller communities, identifying gaps and duplications and advocating for services to fill the gaps
Small community planning being progressed through FCRC.
Investigate the need for Residential aged care facilities in the smaller communities
Poona Ongoing