Fraser Coast Community Social Plan

The Fraser Coast Community Social Plan helps us to understand what contributes to our unique lifestyle and outline some actions needed as we strive for the best possible social outcomes for the Fraser Coast Community. It provides a longer-term view of the social direction of our community and identifies short term activities and goals to help us achieve the vision.

Update on the Fraser Coast Social Plan

We are excited to invite you to attend the Community Innovators workshop with Alex Hagan, International Futurist and author of Thriving in Complexity on the 4th of February.

To register go to:

Additionally, if you have a big community idea, the first Community Innovators Pitch night is being held on the 27th of February at the Brolga Theatre at 5:30pm. First prize is $3,000 on the night and a community choice award will be streamed live over the following week and receive $2,000 supported by Stockland.

To register go to:

If you don’t have an idea to pitch please come and listen to the innovative ideas that you may wish to become involved in.

If you need help with your pitch please contact Lesa Stagg – or visit the new Community Collaboration Hu at the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre.

A special thank you to Fraser Coast Councillors Zane O’Keefe, Darren Everard, David Lewis, Anne Maddern and Denis Chapman for their financial support to implement the Fraser Coast Social Plan over the next 12 months.

The full version of the Fraser Coast Social Plan can be viewed at

Innovation Action Group (IAG)

The Fraser Coast Social Plan – Innovation Action Group (IAG) aims to provide a platform for highlighting emerging frontline issues that maybe affecting specific community members, and /or issues that are impacting the entire community. The IAG gives the community members the opportunity to bring ideas and discuss possible solutions that are vital to the social wellbeing of the Fraser Coast. The IAG also wants to ensure that the community takes full advantage of funding opportunities available.

Fraser Coast Social Plan - Innovation Action Group
Project Proposal Form
If you require assistance to complete this form please contact the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre on 4194 3000.
Title of Project:
Name of Project Proposer:
Fraser Coast Social Plan - Innovation Action Group
Process used to identify the need for this project:
Purpose and target group of the Project:
Description of the Project:
Number of participants:

Evaluation, including but not limited to:

  • Benefits for participants
  • Feedback from participants and staff
Are there any costs with this project?
(please list)
Are there any challenges associated with this project?
Description of the problem- Ideas to address or solve.
List of stakeholders/partners
List how this will benefit the community, and what are the expected outcomes?
How will success be measured?
How will this fit with the Fraser Coast Social Plan?
Identification of cost of the proposal, include itemised breakdown of components if you are able.
Duration of the initiative
Identification of any potential funding sources
Please provide any additional supporting documentation for your idea.


Download PDF – The Social Plan
Download PDF – CLCC Round 2 Fraser Coast invite Flyer
Download PDF – Changing Communities Harvest Flyer
Download PDF – Pitch Night Flyer
Download PDF – Community Futures Flyer
Download PDF – Terms & Conditions