Fraser Coast Community Social Plan

The Fraser Coast Community Social Plan helps us to understand what contributes to our unique lifestyle and outline some actions needed as we strive for the best possible social outcomes for the Fraser Coast Community. It provides a longer-term view of the social direction of our community and identifies short term activities and goals to help us achieve the vision.

Social Plan Update

October 2020

This update provides a brief overview from members of the Social Plan Governance Team on some of the actions that have been implemented under each of the theme areas of the plan. Due to time constraints, the presenters can’t possibly cover all of the work that’s been carried out but we acknowledge all the efforts of the Fraser Coast’s community groups and organisations who are striving to maintain and improve the lifestyles of our residents.

Next Community Ideas Pitch Night

If you have a big community idea, register to participate in our next Community Ideas Pitch night on the 4th of March at the Hervey Bay Community Centre at 5:30pm. The first prize of $3,000 will be awarded on the night by a panel of judges. All pitches will be uploaded to Facebook and the community will have two weeks to vote for a community choice award or $2,000.

If you’re interested in pitching your idea, you first need to make an appointment with Cate Akaveka, Community Engagement Officer, to discuss your project and how it meets one or more of the actions under the Social Plan.

To contact Cate, phone 07 4194 3000 or email

Pitch Night Presentations – 19 November 2020

This Pitch Night included 12 amazing presentations, covering a wide range of ideas for projects that will make a difference in our community.

The Judges’ Award on the night went to Kathryn Rodda for Hope in a Suitcase. Following two weeks of online voting, the Community Choice Award was won by the Outreach Doctor Service.

We hope that through exposure and ongoing community discussions, most of the projects will be implemented.


Download PDF – The Social Plan