Theme 1: Natural Environment – Liveability

LIVABILITY (Natural Environment) – Fraser Coast community social plan

An update on ‘Livability’ (Natural Environment), presented by Adam Hughes from the Fraser Coast Regional Council

StrategyActionIdentified Communities Community Contacts/Current Status
1.1 Acknowledge the traditional owners of the land and understand how they have managed it1.1.1 Encourage and promote opportunities for cross cultural understanding of land management practicesIndigenous community and across region
Butchulla Aboriginal Corp (BAC)

Butchulla Land & Sea Rangers

The Butchulla rangers undertake land and sea conservation activities across areas of Butchulla country including, K’gari, Great Sandy Strait, and the mainland, in accordance with the support of native title holders. Rangers work on reserves, unallocated state land, private property, national park and recreational areas. Through on-country surveying, rangers work with knowledge holders and Elders to identify and record sites and findings in a cultural database
1.1.2 Convene a stakeholder group to look at incorporating indigenous culture in tourism signageIndigenous Parks Trail
1.2 Provide information and education to the community about wildlife corridors and animal habitats1.2.1 Create and disseminate information about the specific corridors in the areaGlenwoodFCRC Community Environment Program

Anyone is welcome to join the Community Environment Program. Volunteer opportunities depend on existing group size, level of experience and current projects.

Currently, there are 12 CEP groups across the Fraser Coast region:
• Friends of Arkarra
• Botanic Gardens Bushcare Group
Fay Smith Bushcare Group
• Zero Chemical K’gari (Happy Valley)
• Botany Group
Kingfisher Lakes Bushwackys
• Friends of Woocoo Park
• Poona Ecological Restoration Project
Toogoom Foreshore Project
River Heads Food Forest
Birdwatchers of Hervey Bay
Fraser Coast Community Nursery
1.2.2 Develop and install relevant signageHoward
Fraser Coast Regional Council
1.2.3 Develop and promote a Bird watching walkway
Birds of the Fraser Coast book has been produced and is available for sale through Council sites and the Visitor Information Centre
1.2.4 Develop a ‘Nature Trails of Fraser Coast” bookletFraser Coast Regional Council
1.3 Provide information and education to the community about noxious weeds1.3.1 Develop and deliver a programGlenwoodGlenwood community planning being progressed by Fraser Coast Regional Council
1.4 Ensure that our environment including waterways is healthy and inviting for wildlife and residents1.4.1 Convene environmental protection groups to monitor the environment, including waterways and plan awareness and activity daysCommunity Environment Program

Local fisheries:
• Information on ocean species
• What’s disappearing, and the impact it has on the local waterways

Community environmental events held annually:
• Clean Up Australia
• Paddle Out for Whales
1.5 Maintain and upgrade existing and create new community walkways, footpaths and cycle paths to provide a fully mobile, connected system1.5.1 Small communities work with FCRC to develop individual, community specific plans with prioritised long and short term actionsTiaro, Glenwood, Poona, Tuan,Poona Community Infrastructure Plan endorsed by Fraser Coast Regional Council
1.5.2 FCRC develop plans to connect communities where possibleOngoing
1.5.3 Invite community input to the planning process for walkways for the urban areas Boonooroo, Maroom, Maryborough, Hervey BayOngoing community engagement projects
1.6 Provide additional play equipment that is challenging, interesting and safe for young and aged people in the community1.6.1 Work with FCRC to develop a community specific plan for playgrounds to suit all age groupsHoward, BoonoorooFraser Coast Regional Council
1.7 Improve public facilities at foreshore areas1.7.1 Small communities work with FCRC to develop individual, community specific plans with prioritised actionsMaroom, Tuan, Boonooroo, Poona,Fraser Coast Waterbody Management Framework
1.8 Develop a Mountain Bike Trail in the Glenwood area1.8.1 Convene a group of interested people to develop a proposalGlenwoodLocal mountain bike groups
1.9 Allow for more green space in the suburbs of the urban areasSocial Plan outlines that we are proportionate in our green spaces for Fraser Coast. However, outlying areas may need to be reviewed.