Theme 2: Diverse Communities

DIVERSE COMMUNITIES – Fraser Coast community social plan update

An update on ‘Diverse Communities’ topic, presented by Farzina Khan, Community Action for a Multicultural Society (CAMS) at the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre

StrategyActionIdentified CommunitiesCurrent Contacts / Current Status
2.1 Encourage a welcoming and inclusive multicultural environment2.1.1 Develop, promote and provide a diverse range of inclusive opportunities that can be tailored for each of our communitiesAcross regionHBNC Community Action for a Multicultural Society CAMS supports equitable access and participation

HBNC Culture Caf held monthly – showcases different cultures and an opportunity to welcome new migrants
Free conversational English classes supported by volunteer tutors

Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation represents the Butchulla people in relation to native title and cultural connection

Maryborough Neighbourhood Centre offers a Migrant Development Program

Local migrant services liaise with Australian Red Cross Multicultural Support Service

Birri Bula Dhaanban is a new multicultural activity and reference group supported by the CAMS program.
This aim of this group is to provide a two-way flow of information to various cultural groups and to provide advice on relevant issues within the community.
2.1.2 Investigate opportunities for multicultural ‘Eat Street’ marketsIndigenous and Multicultural communityThis opportunity has been taken up by Food & Groove in Hervey Bay on Friday evenings during the Summer.

2.1.3 Provide cross cultural awareness and training sessions
Across regionActivities such as the HBNC Culture Caf promote informal cultural awareness.
2.1.4 Organise activities to promote awareness of the different cultures in the communities• “Making Hervey Bay Home” – a RADF funded project to create a book with photographs and stories of 30 people from other countries who have now settled in Hervey Bay.
Book was launched in March 2021 alongside photographic exhibition.

• Culture Caf program for 2021 developed including two evening events to allow for increased participation.

• Harmony Day event held at HBNC – 20 March 2021.
2.2 Develop mechanisms to improve internal communication within the smaller communities and across the region2.2.1 Investigate viability of a regional major events calendar and its management and disseminationAcross regionThis is being carried out by FCRC but there have been delays due to Covid.
Current events include:
• Hervey Bay Whale Festival
• Relish Food & Wine Festival
• Mary Poppins Festival
• Lines in the Sand Readers & Writers Festival
• Hervey Bay 100
• Bush to Bay Country Music Festival
2.2.2 Review usage of community halls and barriers to their usageAcross regionFraser Coast Regional Council
2.2.3 Encourage the development and distribution of small community newsletters
Most communities have moved to social media pages:
Poona Community Noticeboard
Boonooroo / Tuan
Howard and Torbanlea Community Group
Tiaro & District Community Board
2.3 Investigate ways to provide public transport options2.3.1 Convene a representative group to develop a plan, including cost/benefit analysis for the provision of public transport options for smaller communitiesMaryborough, Howard
Fraser Coast Regional Council engaging with smaller communities to develop local plans
2.3.2. Work with organisations providing community transport to identify options for small communitiesAcross regionFCRC engaging with smaller communities to develop local plans
2.4 Recognise the rich cultural history of the area and share our stories2.4.1 Undertake an oral history project to record and display stories from pre and post European settlement Indigenous, Hervey BayAustralian Heritage Festival – Fraser Coast
2.4.2 Develop and promote a history trail across our regionIndigenous Parks Trail
Fraser Coast Military Trail
2.4.3 Advocate to have Fraser Island recognised as K’gari (similar to Ayers Rock recognised as Uluru)
Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation

SBS K’gari documentary produced by Fiona Foley could be promoted:
2.5 Investigate the provision of a range of outreach services to the smaller communities2.5.1
Work with community agencies to co-ordinate regular service provision to smaller communities
Interagency held three times per year at HBNC includes representatives from smaller communities. To be added to email list, contact