Theme 3: Community Health

COMMUNITY HEALTH – Fraser Coast community social plan update

An update on ‘Community Health’ topic, presented by Kylie Nitz, from MADCOTA

StrategyActionIdentified CommunitiesCurrent Contacts / Current Status
3.1 Enable the further development of our active, healthy community3.1.1 Advocate for and encourage local services that enhance and support good health outcomesAcross regionHealth and wellbeing is promoted by a range of services and at a number of centres across the Fraser Coast region.

Hervey Bay and District Senior Citizens Club Inc
Hervey Bay PCYC
Hervey Bay Men’s Shed
Older Men Unlimited
Wide Bay Women’s Health Centre
Bridges Health & Community Care
Tiaro Community Centre
Burrum District Community Centre Association
Maryborough Community Recreation Centre Association Inc.
Glenwood Community Hall

There are many opportunities for sport and recreation. However, the region continues to have high rates of chronic health conditions.

The Fraser Coast a number of large-scale sporting events such as the State Junior Touch Carnival, the Hervey Bay 100, Tour de Bay, sailing events and triathlons.

Fraser Coast Falls Prevention Service established.
3.1.2 Promote and enable ready access to existing infrastructureAcross region Fraser Coast Regional Council
3.1.3. Investigate the provision or expansion of fitness trails, particularly in the smaller communities MaaroomFCRC working with smaller communities
Investigate provision of sporting infrastructure in the smaller communities
Glenwood, PoonaFCRC – Poona Community Infrastructure Plan
FCRC – Glenwood Community Planning 2020-2021
3.1.5 Investigate ways to make organised sport more affordable for all Maryborough, Hervey Bay, Indigenous
3.2 Promote, encourage and enable healthy, active lifestyle choices3.2.1 Promote the range of low cost healthy activities currently provided across the region Smaller rural

My Health for Life – free program funded by Queensland government

Both Fraser Coast aquatic centres offer age sensitive aquatic fitness activities each day of the week.

Varied activities at small halls and community centres include Zumba, fitness, line dancing, tennis, yoga and tai chi.
U3A offers exercise classes for seniors.

MADCOTA Community Hub in Maryborough:
• Exercise Dance Group
• Tai Chi (Beginners, 73 Forms and Qi Gong)
• Line Dancing
• Partner Dancing
3.2.2 Encourage workshops and forums on health topics including understanding and managing chronic diseases
Galangoor Duwalami Primary Healthcare Service’s Women’s Yarning Group happens every Tuesday morning in Maryborough at Lupton Park Community Garden. Guest speaker opportunities at service clubs, community groups, etc
3.2.3 Strengthen opportunities for social interaction and community partnerships that promote connectednessBite the Blue is a local project aimed at combatting loneliness and social isolation. A number of cafes are involved and patrons are invited to place a blue disc on their table to signify that they’d like to have a conversation with someone.

The Fraser Coast has many groups promoting social interaction including:
Older Men Unlimited
Men’s Shed
Senior Citizens
Country Womens Association
Australian Pensioners & Superannuants League

The Local Learning Network is a new initiative of the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre and offers a range of low cost workshops and classes where all members of the community can learn new skills in an informal setting.

The new Neighbourhood Hive is a space for the whole community to “connect and learn”. It is the venue for a number of activities under the Local Learning Network but also includes other programs such as the Bub Hub for young parents, and Youth Garage for teenagers. Spaces in the Neighbourhood Hive can also be hired by groups to run their own activities.
3.2.4 Create and implement an obesity campaignAcross RegionQld Health
3.2.5 Develop linkages and partnerships across agencies and providers to identify and eliminate service gaps and duplications Interagency held three times per year is an opportunity for networking and information sharing.

Wide Bay Burnett Community Development Network has been established – to be added to contact list email

HBNC Community Navigators work with any member of the community requiring assistance to access services.

Nurse Navigators are now available within Qld Health to assist people to connect with the right health services.
3.2.6 Encourage the development and maintenance of low cost community based activities e.g. community gardens Small rural communities• Garden at Botanical Gardens
Halcro St Community Garden
Rainbow Gully in Torquay
Lupton Park Community Garden – Maryborough
• Poona Community Hall – Community garden
River Heads food forest
• Community planting days held at all community gardens
3.3 Address risk-taking behaviours eg Alcohol and Drugs3.3.1 Advocate for and encourage intervention services to work with individuals and familiesBridges Health & Community Care offers training and mental health promotion services to increase awareness and understanding of mental illness, drugs and alcohol and to reduce stigma and discrimination.

Bayside Transformations offers a residential drug and alcohol recovery program in Hervey Bay.

Headspace provides free to low cost health services for young people 12-25 years old on the Fraser Coast.
3.4 Encourage an early intervention and preventative health culture in the community3.4.1 Promote the services and programs currently offered to the community at no, or low cost
Wide Bay Health Community Reference Groups have been established to ensure local consumer voices are heard in local health service planning. To express interest in joining a CRG, contact the Community Engagement Officer at

PHN is an independent not-for-profit commissioning organisation funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health to improve the health outcomes for the region.
3.4.2 Investigate the provision of outreach services to smaller communities e.g. skype calls to doctorsIt is noted at CRG meetings that tele-health is more widely used with more local GPs connecting to the service. Several participating GPs offered the service for flu like symptoms during COVID – however this service is not bulk billed.
3.5 Develop sustainable, consistent waste management strategies for all communities3.5.1 Encourage workshops and forums on waste minimisationFCRC Environmental Management incorporates recycling and waste strategies.

FCRC Waste to Art competition is now an annual event.

Bunnings conducts school workshops on recycling and composting.
3.5.2 Promote current and investigate additional recycling depots across the regionHoward FCRC
3.5.3 Investigate the implementation of an annual kerbside ‘clean-up’ activity FCRC